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Pancakes For Breakfast is a company devoted to making artwork and decor for kids
that inspires imagination, evokes originality and spruces up the room.
We are located in Lancaster, PA., use local resources to make our products
and strive to use materials that are friendly to the earth.

Five years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter I made an enormous giraffe and zebra out of wood to hang on the wall of her nursery.  A year later when we moved to Panamá I decorated her room with pictures of animals made from felt and fabric.  Nearly everyone who visited wanted one and soon I began to sell these pieces in small boutiques in Panamá City.  A little over a year ago when we returned to the states (with a new daughter added to the mix) we moved my daughter's giraffe and zebra downstairs to our playroom and friends all wanted one. Then it clicked. I decided to start making these things for a larger audience. 

I call it Pancakes For Breakfast.

The felt and fabric pieces have morphed into graphics printed on super soft organic cotton.  I currently have one wooden cutout ready for the world, the Lovebirds, and am in R & D stages with the rest.